Zoom Whitening System

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Brighten Your Smile with The Zoom Whitening System

One of the first things anyone notices about someone when they meet them is their smile. Having a bright, white, beautiful smile is always an asset in both business and social situations. Of course, there are dozens of over-the-counter whitening products – some working better than others. Then there are the professional whitening treatments which provide more reliable results. The Zoom Whitening System is one of the best.

The Zoom Whitening System is a safe, effective, in-office option that produces exceptional results in approximately 45 minutes. This recently perfected system can leave your teeth up to eight shades whiter, whereas the best at-home whitening systems are only capable of whitening your teeth up to six shades - and the process is much more time consuming.

Treatment Planning / Consultation

If you are thinking about having the Zoom procedure performed, your dentist will conduct a comprehensive examination to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy, as well as talk with you about your lifestyle habits and oral hygiene routine. This will help to determine if professional whitening will be beneficial to you.

There are certain times when your dentist may strongly suggest undergoing a whitening procedure, if for instance, you are planning other cosmetic procedures that require matching the color of a restoration to your natural teeth. Conversely, there are instances where whitening may not be your best option - especially if you have fillings or crowns on your front teeth. The Zoom Whitening System will only whiten your natural teeth, which may result in a blotchy appearance.

About the In-Office Zoom Chairside Whitening Procedure

This professional whitening system is formulated using a 35%/44%  hydrogen peroxide concentration – and is activated by the use of the Zoom Light. Immediately following the treatment, a sensitivity-reducing paste that contains fluoride is applied to the teeth – offering the added benefit of protecting your teeth from caries and demineralization.

Prior to treatment, you will need to have a standard hygienic cleaning performed to remove any plaque or calculus. The Zoom procedure itself will take an hour or less.

Once your teeth are prepared, your gums and lips will be isolated and lip moisturizer will be applied. Your dentist will then apply the Zoom whitening gel to the facial surfaces of your teeth. The Zoom Light will be used after the gel is applied, and left on for 15 minutes. This process will be repeated two more times, for a total of three 15-minute sessions, during which time you can relax or watch TV. If your teeth have reached the desired whiteness after one or two sessions, the treatment can be stopped at that point. 

Maintaining Your Newly Brightened Smile

To help maintain your beautiful, newly whitened smile, avoid eating red sauces, soy sauce, mustard, or ketchup, and try substituting clear soda, water, or white wine for drinks like coffee, dark sodas, red wine, and tea. Avoid smoking, as this can deeply stain teeth, even with the use of whitening products. Maintain a proper oral hygiene regime and see your dentist or hygienist for regular cleanings.

Your dentist may also recommend specific whitening toothpastes and/or the use of Zoom take-home whitening products to help maintain your treatment results. Depending on the formulation of the take-home whitening kit, the treatment time will vary.

For more information on Zoom or other cosmetic treatments offered at our office, please give us a call or fill out a contact form online.