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ALL-ON-4® Implant Treatment in Gurnee

Implant Treatment in Gurnee

A Beautiful New Smile in Just One Day

If you are constantly trying to hide your missing teeth, and hesitate to smile or laugh in public due to the potential embarrassment, our Gurnee family dental practice might have the perfect solution for you. ALL-ON-4® same-day teeth replacement will allow you to maintain optimal oral function with improved aesthetics.

Using the newest technology, ALL-ON-4® treatment is also the best choice for anyone looking to replace traditional dentures, which can be inconvenient and uncomfortable, as well as fit poorly. ALL-ON-4® means never dealing with problems chewing or speaking again.

About ALL-ON-4®

ALL-ON-4® is a state-of-the-art dental implant treatment. It is a surgical procedure that replaces one full arch of lower or upper teeth with permanent, fixed prosthetic teeth. Each arch, or permanent bridge, contains from 10 to 14 teeth which are made from titanium (often coated with acrylic), porcelain, or zirconia.

These implant bridges are attached to the lower or upper jawbone using tiny metal screws (dental implants) that serve as a replacement for the original tooth root. Once these implants are in place, your dentist in Gurnee, IL will attach the ALL-ON-4® arch.

How is the ALL-ON-4® Implant Treatment Different Than Traditional Implant Treatment?

While traditional implant restoration uses a single screw for each tooth, ALL-ON-4® is a system that utilizes just four screws to attach an entire bottom or top set of prosthetic teeth. Unlike traditional dentures, these fixed arches are not removable, but they can be removed by a professional in a dental office near Gurnee, IL for cleaning.

Because ALL-ON-4® in Gurnee only requires you to have sufficient bone mass in four key locations, you may be a good candidate for this treatment. Conversely, traditional implants require enough bone to support an implant for each tooth. If you have extensive jawbone loss due to severe gum infection or missing teeth, talk to your dentist in Gurnee, IL about whether a bone graft procedure could strengthen your jawbone sufficiently for implants.

When Will A Dentist Recommend ALL-ON-4® Implant Treatment?

Your dentist may recommend this treatment to replace missing teeth, as well as teeth that need to be removed due to decay, infection, or failed root canals. Because the entire arch is replaced at one time, your smile will be very natural in appearance, and because they can be placed on the same day as your implants in Gurnee, IL, you won’t have to wait to show off your new smile.

The Benefits of ALL-ON-4® in Gurnee

  • This option reduces the likelihood that bone-graft surgery will be necessary, while increasing the stability of the existing bone.
  • It is often possible to receive a full set of new teeth in just one day – which is why the procedure is also colloquial known as “teeth-in-a-day.”
  • ALL-ON-4® dental implants are more comfortable than removable dentures, which can become loose or irritate the gum. They are also more secure and feel more like natural teeth, and you will not have to worry about your false teeth slipping or falling out while you engage in conversation – no denture adhesive required.
  • Because you will only need to have four implants per jaw, you will experience limited disruption to your everyday activities and minimal food restrictions once healing is complete. Your treatment and recovery time are also greatly reduced over traditional implants.
  • ALL-ON-4® implants are often more cost-effective than individual implants if you need to replace many teeth.
  • Patients who choose this procedure find that restoring their smile provides an immediate boost to their confidence.

How Long You Can Expect ALL-ON-4® Implants in Gurnee to Last

ALL-ON-4® implants are considered a practically permanent solution. They last an average of 20 years, but depending on how you care for and maintain them, they may last anywhere from 5 years to more than 40 years.

How long they last will depend on several factors, including what materials they are made from, and if you practice good oral hygiene. Chips and cracks that develop over time can be repaired, but it is better to prevent them in the first place. Wearing a mouthguard at night is recommended to protect your new teeth from pressure and grinding that can lead to cracks.

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