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Implant-Supported Dentures at Excellence in Dentistry

If you’re embarrassed because of missing teeth or you’ve been struggling with ill-fitting traditional dentures, you may want to consider one of the latest advances in dentistry, implant-supported dentures.

At Excellence in Dentistry, Dr. Cooper and Dr. Sharma are strong proponents of this new type of dentures because of the many ways they can help their patients. The benefits include extreme stability, a strong bite, and daily comfort. For good measure, they also help prevent jawbone deterioration and provide a full arch solution for missing teeth.

Traditional Dentures

For generations, removable dentures have been used to replace missing natural teeth. These dentures rest on the gums and are held in place by pastes, adhesives, or a simple suction process. While affordable, one of the problems with traditional dentures is that they don't stimulate the jawbone, and that lack of stimulation can cause the jawbone to recede, leading to loose, ill-fitting dentures.

For those seeking an alternative to uncomfortable, removable dentures, implant supported dentures are an attractive alternative.

The Implant-supported Dentures Process

The process for getting these implants is really straightforward. Our dentists place mini-implants in the jaw where they’re anchored in place by surrounding bone. In addition, attachments are placed on the underside of your dentures and are used to connect the dentures to the implants. When the dentures are placed in the mouth, they snap onto the implants, providing both strength and stability.

Explaining further, the implants are actually titanium posts that will fuse with the jawbone. Titanium is an extremely strong metal and is one of the few that will fuse with bone. Because of this fusion, the implants not only hold your dentures in place but they also help keep your jawbone strong, preventing it from deteriorating because of the lack of teeth.

How Many Implants Are Needed?

The answer to that question depends on our careful assessment of your dental situation. As an example, you may need 4-8 implants to support a full row of both upper and lower teeth, but you may need only 2 if you’re replacing a partial denture four-tooth bridge.

How Long Do Implant-supported Dentures Last?

That’s a fair question to be asked by someone considering this procedure, and the answer is pretty simple. With proper home dental hygiene - twice daily brushing and daily flossing - and regularly scheduled dental cleanings and care, your implants should last 20 years and perhaps even longer.

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