Intraoral Camera

Intraoral Camera: A Clear Vision of Your Dental Health

 You know the importance of prevention when it comes to your dental health, and we’re always looking for new, improved ways to help you achieve a healthy smile for life. While X-rays provide valuable information such as if you need an emergency dentist in Gurnee, , they don’t give a complete view of everything that is going on inside your mouth. With the use of an intraoral camera, we can see every aspect of your teeth and mouth with incredible detail, uncovering cracked teeth, plaque deposits, cavities next to fillings, and excessive wear. When we can discover oral problems early on, your treatment is much less invasive and much more cost-effective.

About The Camera

Our intraoral camera is small, about the size of the mirror we use during your regular hygiene appointments. You probably wouldn’t even notice we’re using it, except that with the intraoral camera, you have the opportunity to see everything we see on a monitor. This is a great tool to help you become more informed about your dental health, as it gives you a clear understanding of your teeth’s condition, and it allows you to make a more informed decision regarding your treatment options.

The Features

We are excited to be in the know with technological advancements in dentistry. The intraoral camera, one of these advancements, has many features that our dental professionals are proud to offer in our office. Some of the features include:

  • Clear & Sharp Images: The camera allows you to clearly illuminate diagnostic quality images with the press of one button. Additionally, the fixed focus lends means there is no time spent on manual focusing and no frustrations with auto-focusing.
  • Easy Integration: Our camera can work with imaging software in order to integrate the photos seamlessly with popular imagine software options.
  • Lightweight: The camera is roughly the size of an electric toothbrush and is incredibly light to make the usage easy and comfortable.
  • Single Button Capture: We save time during your visits because all our photos take is one quick, lag-free click on the capture button. The photos then go straight to the patient’s chart.

Your Oral Health

At Excellence In Dentistry, we aim to serve you and your family with specific services meant for your unique situation. If you ever think you need an emergency dentist in Gurnee, contact us today and we will make sure you get an appointment to be looked at by one of our professionals. We look forward to giving you a smile you are proud to show off to the world.